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One of our Ornamental Casting Displayed in Ambattur, Chennai, India

A typical Innovative Aluminum casting development
Indsat Corporation
Iron castings are being used very widely in the industrial & non industrial areas for more than about 5000 years as per the history. It was dominating the casting arena as the” king of cast materials”. It was not challenged until 1876 until Aluminum castings started coming in to this field.
Its elegant silver color, light weight, corrosion resistance with excellent surface finish and excellent recyclability, make the Aluminum castings very attractive for the product designers; like a beautiful blonde (young girl) against a senior lady with some silvery hairs.
Scientists started improving its mechanical properties & Engineer started specifying Aluminum alloys in many of their products. In many of the Engineering fields, Aluminum has pushed Iron in to the sector of big castings, weighing beyond about 150 Kg plus.
In our modern times, Alum castings are being used in Aero space, Marine, Nuclear applications, apart from the general Automobile & consumer products.
Many of the existing small Iron castings, weighing from about (say) a kg, were converted as Alum castings, taking care of the functional and aesthetic requirements.
Opportunity for Indsat Aluminum Foundry
One such opportunity came to our Aluminum Foundry a few months ago.
One of our customers in Chennai, a dominating player in the field of ‘Lighting fixture and street lamp posts’, approached us & asked us to convert their existing Cast Iron Lamp post pedestals in to Alum casting. The redesigned casting drawings were shown to us. It was quite different than from the usual Engineering casting drawings. The casting shapes were very beautiful, with elegant curves & contours. The highly artistic nature of the casting design was ‘a feast’ to our dry engineering eyes. But they posed lot of challenges too. The casting wall thickness was very thin, ranging from ‘as low as 4 to 5 mm’ only in many places. However of our foundry men were eager & interested in developing these castings.

Decorative ornamental castings suitable for classical architecture, varied fixture options create distinctive lighting while providing great stability and practically unlimited durability. Innovative design options to provide visual integration with the environment, functionally versatile, strong and stable with sound engineering and has Long life span with very low maintenance. These decorative ornamental castings are ideal for creative visual guidance and exceptional visual comfort, so it encourages aggregation, stimulating business and tourism throughout the World.