Accurate Sensing Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Accurate Sensors Technologies Israel is proud to be part of another successful project worldwide.


Your attention is directed to company named Atie UnoInformatica the world’s renowned automation and industrial management company in Aluminium Extrusion. The company has many solutions for the Aluminium Extrusion industry.

There one such solution named ,N5Nitrogen, to cool the die by using liquid nitrogen, regulating successfully the temperatures with our pyrometers.

Our AST Pyrometer Model AE3000&PS3000 and model AB3000 is successfully integrated into their system. They selected our model as they wanted to work majorly on the following points.


  • Increase the speed of extrusion

  • Improvement in Surface Quality

  • Increase life of the die

  • Minimal wastage

  • Customer feedback is highly satisfied and recommends our joint solution


We will continue to conquer more demanding applications day by day.