Dr. Dieter Liedtke, Recipient of Hephaestus Award

Nitrex Metal is pleased to honor Dr. Dieter Liedtke with the Hephaestus Award this year at the Novatherm 2 Seminar, http://www.novatherm.org/en/, in recognition of his exceptional work at Bosch and lifetime service to the AWT (German Association for Heat Treatment and Materials Engineering), as well as his positive guidance in the classroom.

We congratulate him for his 50 years of dedication to the practical development of heat treating and most importantly for helping to develop the careers of students and fellows in this field.

The Hephaestus Award recognizes contributions made by academic and industrial researchers to the field of heat treating that have had an impact on surface engineering, materials science, and industrial processes or production techniques. Past recipients of the Hephaestus Award include Prof. Jan Tacikowski of the Institute of Precision Mechanics (2005), Dr. Kiyoshi Funatani (2010), and Dr. George Totten (2013).