Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH

Efficiency boost for drag finishing

Further refinement of the overall equipment design now allows linked process automation to load/unload components to/from drag finishers by robot or handling system, thus facilitating their integration into fully automatic manufacturing lines.

Drag finishing is the ideal technology for processing (i.e. grinding, fine grinding, polishing) the surface of geared components, drills, milling tools, medical implants, delicate motor components as well as component parts with extremely tight dimensional tolerances. Drag finishing technology is quite different when compared with conventional mass finishing systems and has been proven in numerous applications and in various industries that with highly efficient processing it can produce “bespoke” qualities in all sorts of finishing tasks such as deburring, polishing, edge breaking/radiusing or surface smoothing. Drag finishing consistently produces excellent consistency with absolutely repeatable surface finishes. To further enhance this superb process for increased productivity, Röslers’ Research & Development team were set the task of designing the automation of the clamping device / jig and setting of precise control parameters required for robotic loading and unloading. This has brought about outstanding process control & productivity progressions.

A machine design that facilitates automated component part handling

Rösler met this challenge head-on by further refining the equipment design to fully automate the drag finishing process. At the center of this design optimisation, was component handling, namely the automatic loading and unloading of the component: An industrial robot picks up raw components from a staging area and attaches them – one at a time – to the work piece clamping device or jig, integrated into each work station of the drag finisher. Once the finishing process is completed, the robot removes the finished components and places them back into the staging area. Rösler automated drag finishers are generally equipped with servo motors for the carousel and work station drives, alternatively, they are rigged with precision positioning devices. A plc master controller and program software, coordinates all process steps which can even include the interlinking of peripheral equipment such as pre-grinding, machining, metrology and / or washing stations. With all these features the latest drag finishing systems from the “Auto-Range” are well equipped for the most challenging automation tasks.