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GEWES presents the newly developed Series 95-H

newly developed Series 95-H

Like all types of the reinforced H-series the 95-H is characterized by a compact rotation diameter combined with a higher designable torque compared to the standard version.

The 95-H has at a rotation diameter of 315 mm a fatigue moment of 75,000 Nm. This corresponds with an increase by 29% compared to the standard 95 series. Moreover, the transmittable power of these universal joint shafts is much higher with a limiting torque of 215.000 Nm.
The new universal joint shaft positions itself between the already longtime proven Series 90-H and the heavier cardan shafts of series 97-H up to the GEWES flagship S2-H.
Thus, the 95-H suits mainly for high torque applications that are required in steel mills and metal recycling, e.g. Shredding.