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Gap-Flow Burner for high operation temperature

Gap-Flow Burner REKUMAT® CS

The product range of Gap-Flow Burners of WS Thermal Process Technology has been completed with a further burner. The new Rekumat® CS can be operated at higher temperatures for direct and indirect heating. The combination of a thermally resistant ceramic recuperator and high efficient gap-flow heat exchanger make operation of the gap flow technology at 1200° C flue gas inlet temperature possible.

Through the energy savings compared to the burner with ceramic recuperator, which is still used today for these application temperatures, the new Rekumat® CS is the logical expansion of high-efficiency combustion technology.

The high flue gas inlet temperature continuously decreases along the ceramic recuperator so that the maximum application temperature has dropped at the entry into the metallic gap -flow heat exchanger. In addition to the proven principle of the gap flow burner, where the air by way of many individual heat exchangers and the associated high heat transfer is reached through air and exhaust flows in narrow gaps, further heat recovery happens via the ceramic pip-recuperator.

In figures, this means that the Rekumat® CS compared to a conventional self-recuperative burner with ceramic heat exchanger reaches an increase in efficiency of 10-20%. Despite high air preheating of the gas inlet temperatures up to 1200°C, NOx levels of <100 ppm can be achieved with the flameless oxidation mode (FLOX®) developed by WS.

Furthermore the range of regenerative burners REGEMAT® has been extended. The new REGEMAT® 400 will be used in direct heating with max. 600 kW (Boost-mode). Therefore WS Thermal Process Technology responds to increasing market demands for large capacity of the highly efficient self-regenerative technology for operating temperatures up to 1300°C.

Like all high-performance heat exchangers the new gap-flow burner and self-regenerative burner require clean combustion air and clean exhaust because of the narrow flow channels.

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