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INDIA: Seven Refractories completes technically challenging Blast Furnace repair works

Bottom casting at the Vijanagar plant

March 2015 marks an outstanding occasion for Seven Refractories.

At JSW’s Vijanagar steel plant (http://www.jsw.in/groups/about-groups ), Seven has completed an unusual and challenging repair of the hearth of a blast furnace.

The installation specialists from BEROA, Germany (http://www.beroa-group.com) have worked as a partner in this project, under the steady supervision of Seven technicians.


In the past, such repair works at furnace hearths were mainly performed by replacing the still existing but worn-out carbon blocks. While this method is more common, it is also considerably more costly and involves longer downtime. The less utilized method of using castable monolithic materials involves specialized expertise.


Praveen Agarwal, Seven’s Head of Indian Operations, comments: “This was a major project and a huge step towards fulfilling Seven’s India strategy. The client has been able to take the furnace on line in the planned time frame and is happy about the successful repair.”


Giuliano Copetti, Group Technical Manager, has been responsible for the technically challenging project.
“At Seven Refractories, we pride ourselves in not only delivering monolithic materials of the highest quality, but we deliver the complete package. From initial prestudy on we accompany the client all steps along the way. This was especially difficult from a technical point of view, and it is projects like these that make our hearts as engineers beat faster. It is a complete joy to come up with the correct method, put it into practice with a competent partner, and then have a highly satisfied client.“

As of today JSW’s Vijanagar steel plant successfully started the blast furnace according to plan.