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Induction Furnace with Multiple Output Medium Frequency Power Supply

Induction Furnaces with Series Resonance MF Power Supply

DX series dual output frequency conversion power supply (series circuit) adopts series inverting circuit, one power supply is able to apply power to two furnaces simultaneously (known as “one for two”), one furnace is used for melting, the other may control the desired temperature to pour and hold, or two furnaces are used for melting simultaneously. The power can be distributed arbitrarily according to customers’ request. In 2006, we successfully developed the multi-output ones first in China based on dual output frequency conversion power supply (known as “one for three”, “one for four”). The output of power can be free and smooth at any ratio. When need continuous melting, you can heat up, hold and composition-adjust etc. at precise temperature, and increase considerably molten iron or steel output. It is applicable to the automatic casting production line which needs continuous supply of molten iron, and improves productivity drastically. We can supply induction furnaces with the rated capacity of 1~100t and the rated power of equipped power supply of 500~30000kW.