John Winter & Co. Ltd.

John Winter develops new parting fluid

Leading UK-based foundry supplier John Winter has developed a new environmentally-friendly parting fluid, PF880, for medium and high pressure greensand moulding.

PF880 is a low odour and low viscosity releasing agent, which has been designed for high production greensand moulding.

Both operator and environmentally-friendly, it is non-VOC with low usage rates and a high flash point. It is formulated for use on horizontal and vertical moulding plants using metal, resin and wood patterns.

Adam Bennett, sales director at John Winter, said: “Moulding and casting processes are continuing to develop to not only reduce costs, but also to significantly eliminate the environmental impacts that arise.

“We are responding to these developments by improving and expanding our offering, and PF880 is another example of this.”

For more information about PF880 or John Winter, please call +44 (0)1422 364 213 or visit www.johnwinter.co.uk.