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Monolithic, one piece, one step ahead: PURMETALL produces Europe’s biggest EAF Centre Piece, weight: 13.500 kg, diameter: 3,66 m

For the first time in Europe, a monolithic EAF Centre Piece of this size was created and successfully put into use. The refractory part alone weighed 13.500 kg, and the steel frame weighed an additional 1.000 kg. • Diameter: 3,66 m • Thickness: 0,70 m • Weight: 13.500 kg • Assembly time: 60 minutes • Refractory castable: ALUAL CAST • Life Time: > 4 weeks PURMETALL continuously develops new solutions for the steel industry – with impressive technical profiles and distinct advantages. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you in a personal conversation at METEC or we'll visit you on-site!