AICON 3D Systems GmbH

NEW! PartInspect M - the enclosed scanning system for automated scanning processes

Fully automated high-precision scanning of most different materials and surfaces, irrespective of the environmental conditions? The scanning concept of the new PartInspect M really does!
For fast digitization, this system comes with its own measuring chamber: The 3D scanner captures the measuring objects inside an enclosed housing. Therefore, the PartInspect M can be used at any user-defined location, in the production, in the laboratory or directly at the designer’s workplace. The integrated turn-tilt unit provides fully automated digitization without any user’s intervention. The white light scanner digitizes even complex surfaces completely and precise to detail. Irrespective of material (plastic, metal, composite material, etc.) or surface property, the system delivers high-precision 3D data. The contact-free scanning process even captures fragile or deformable objects (e.g. made of modelling clay or ceramic) quickly and at the required level of accuracy.
Depending on the individual measuring requirements, the delivery scope of the PartInspect M comprises of a breuckmann stereoSCAN or a configuration of the smartSCAN product series. The measuring fields ranging from 75 to 350 mm are suitable for test objects measuring a maximum of 300 x 400 mm and a weight of up to 15 kg, achieving a feature accuracy of up to 0.008 mm.
Inspection of small batch series, random sample checks, reverse engineering or component measurements are application areas of the PartInspect M. Thanks to a patented technology, the enclosed scanning system is particularly well suited for the inspection of edges, such as the leading and trailing edges of turbine blades. Irrespective of the surface characteristics of the measuring object, even radii in the tenth of a millimeter range are measured at true to detail accuracy. The operation of the system is supported by an easy, workshop fit user interface. The scan data can be automatically compared with the CAD draft, providing comprehensive evaluations for each captured component part.