Space S.r.l.

The SPACE GSM Sand Lab

The SPACE GSM Sand Lab is the ideal equipment to manage the irregular quality of return green sand.

By measuring the on line characteristics of the prepared sand, such as compactability, compression, green shear, temperature and moisture, it can adjust water and dry additions, automatically, in real time.

The measurements for each test are achieved by high accuracy detectors, administrated in real time by a programmable device.

The equipment consists of three main components: return sand measuring unit, prepared sand sampling device and control cabinet.

Together with our PGF equipment - measuring the residual moisture and the temperature of return sand, by means of two sensors placed in the sand stream, during the feeding of the mixer batch hopper - customized software proceeds to average the single values stored in the memory and estimates the quantity of water and additions necessary to achieve the programmed moisture and bond levels.

A sample, taken from the freshly prepared moulding sand, close to the mixer discharge point, is screened to remove all impurities that could affect the results before analysis.

A feedback based on actual measurements is readjusting the water and additions make-up in the next batch.

This procedure assures continuity of the required physical characteristics within a very narrow range of variability.

In fact temperature and moisture are the most unstable features of return sand, and the accurate measurement, assured by our well known instrument PGF, makes the water dosing almost exact.

Available bentonite and fines, on the contrary, are adjusted smoothly, up or down, using archived batch trends.

Feedback, consequent to analysis made on sand ready for moulding, is more reliable when compared to the one produced from a specimen sampled during the mixing operation. This is because of the more consistent homogeneity reached only at the end of a mixing cycle.

The SPACE GSM Sand Lab has also proven its reliability and operative accuracy on continuous as well as batch mixers.