Ultraseal International (A Trading Division of Surface Technology PLC)


Ultraseal Recycling Impregnation Sealant

Ultraseal International, a global leader in finding solutions to the problem of porosity in cast metal parts, is boosting its international sales team with three new appointments.

Richard Windley and Mark Couch join the team at Ultraseal’s headquarters in Coventry as International Sales Managers and Xiaomin Zhang has been appointed as a Business Executive.

Together they bring a range of skills and experience including the ability to speak five languages fluently – English, German, Spanish, French, Mandarin and Dutch.

All of them will be joining the Ultraseal International team on the stand at GIFA 2015, the largest international trade show for the foundry industry in Europe, in Germany this summer.

Mark Couch has a degree in Dutch and German from Hull University and has considerable experience in exporting to Europe and the Middle East, having worked for in a host of industries and including chemicals.

Richard Windley, International Sales Manager, started out as an electrical and electronic engineering apprentice at a laser manufacturer and rose to become responsible for sales across South East Asia, excluding China. He has a degree in Mechanical Design, Metallurgy and Manufacturing from Nottingham University.

Xiaomin Zhang, has a degree in Applied Chemistry from Shanghai University before graduating with a MBA from the UK. The new role will support John Holmes, Ultraseal’s International Sales Manager with responsibility for China, to further promote the company in China.

All these roles will further cement Ultraseal’s ability to support its customers around the world as more and more of the industry supply chain turns to Ultraseal’s recycling impregnation sealant and impregnation process equipment.