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Young chemist reinvents clean air for industry


Air pollution causes one in eight deaths worldwide. In response, many countries are tightening their emission standards for industrial polluters. Carl Meusinger, a researcher at UCPH’s Department of Chemistry, helps connect polluters with research-based air purification solutions developed at the University of Copenhagen. To honour his work, Meusinger has been awarded the first ever “SCIENCE Business Prize for Young Researchers”. The prize is given by the University of Copenhagen's Faculty of Science. It includes a sum of DKK 75,000 (EUR 10,000) intended for academic purposes.


Carl Meusinger is an industrial postdoc at the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Chemistry. He divides his time between industrial problem solving at INFUSER A/S, conducting research at the Copenhagen Center for Atmospheric Research (CCAR) and teaching chemistry. His job as a link between the private sector and a public research and educational institution is one that he describes as a “creative sweet spot”.

“CCAR is approached by companies with concrete problems, companies that run the risk of being shut down by environmental authorities if they keep polluting. This tickles our academic curiosity, as we get to address some incredibly exciting questions. But being academic about it isn’t enough. INFUSER A/S, our partner, has a demand for workable solutions. This compels us to work ultra creatively at all times,” explains Carl Meusinger.

Read more on Copenhagen University webpage: http://news.ku.dk/all_news/2015/05/young-business-prize-2015/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter