Zhenwu Electric Furnace Co., Ltd.

Zhenwu Business Division

Main Business

Suzhou Zhenwu Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. has five business divisions, i.e. induction melting installations, special steel and ferroalloy smelting installations, induction heating installations, electromagnetic induction melting installations for non-metal materials and EPC(Engineering Procurement Construction).

Induction melting installations are mainly used for casting automotive parts, marine propeller and roller etc. The multi-output medium frequency power supplier produced by our company (e.g. dual-output, triple-output and quad-output ones), can improve equipment utilization and reduce investment, so they are widely used. Main customers are Bao Steel, WISCO, An Steel, Shougang, TISCO, CFHI, Wuhan 471, CITIC CHMC, Cherry, BYD, Xingtai Roller, Beijing Machine Tool Factory and other large and medium-sized steel companies and casting enterprises.

Special steel melting installations are mainly used for melting high speed steel, bearing steel, module steel and alloy steel etc. and then for producing precision castings of large airplanes, rotors of nuclear power plants, bearings of low-speed diesel engine for vessels and large seamless alloy steel pipes etc. Products are: VIM(Vacuum Induction Melting) Furnace, ESR(Electro Slag Remelting), VD/VOD/AOD/LF refining furnace.

Induction heating installations are used for the through-heating, hardening, tempering, normalizing etc. of metal materials and parts and to form highly efficient, energy-saving and environment friendly automated process lines, to replace the traditional fuel-fired and resistance furnaces which have high energy consumption, high pollution and unstable quality. Our company has provided dozens of sets of heat treatment automatic production lines for Wuxi Seamless, the New Smelting Engineering Technology Center Co., Ltd. of Beijing Iron & Steel General Institute and other oilfield companies etc.

Electromagnetic induction melting installations for non-metal materials are used in the new application field of induction heating. The electromagnetic induction melting furnaces for blast furnace slag, and electromagnetic induction melting and purifying furnace for solar grade silicon, recently developed by our company, are the key technological equipment for utilizing furnace slag and solar energy to develop recycling economy as well as new and clean energy sources.

EPC services provides specific R&D, design, manufacture and installation according to the customers’ requirements. We have strong abilities in EPC projects about the design and construction of steel mills; the melting technologies of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals; the manufacture and installation of equipment as well as environmental protection and de-dusting facilities. Up to now, we have helped building many steel mills with annual output from 500,000 tons to 2,000,000 tons in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries.