The 3rd day, 30.06.2011

The third day was dominated by robots and coils. We talked to exhibtors such as Siemens VAI or Inductotherm. A walk through the halls of METEC and THERMPROCESS resulted in a further photo gallery.

Video reports:

The Street of Science and the lack of engineers

Eckehard Specht is professor at the renowned University of Magdeburg and presented at the Street of Science (Straße der Wissenschaften) at GMTN 2011. He talked about the goals of the project, about the lack of engineers in Germany and approached to solve the problem.

Paul Wurth and blast furnaces

Chief operations officer Georges Rassel from Paul Wurth talked about blast furnaces and future markets such as India and Brazil.

Inductotherm and the robotic arm

75 sales people were needed to handle the flood of people coming to Inductotherm's booth. They were attracted by a robotic arm. President and CEO Gary A. Doyon explained why robots are taking over the world.

Siemens VAI and a very thin coil

Robert Andrew Shore is Senior Sales Manager at Siemens VAI and introduced a very thin coil that is important to many areas. Amongst other things it can be applied in the automotive industry.