Amafond Convention 2013 attracts 235 delegates

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AMAFOND President Francesco Savelli and Fabrizio Carmagnini welcomed the AMAFOND Conference in Franciacorta as 235 delegates rejoiced the right to celebrate a positive reception from the Italian foundry industry.

In recent years, however, there was some uncertainty in the industry and the challenges remain the same: Internationalization and Globalization.

The event was very professionally conducted by business journalist, Gianfranco Fabi of "Il Sole 24 Hours". Savelli especially thanked Alberto Albertini ( Italpresse ) for bringing in high profile speakers from BMW and Nemak .

Marco Bonometti President AIB (Association of Brescia Industrial Association ) and Chairman of the automotive Group OMR began with a passionate plea for Italy's foundry industry and the entire mechanical engineering. This was followed by presentation from the new President of the Assofond, Roberto Ariotti.

Following Lectures :

Mario Bertoli (President Assomet )
Giancarlo Losma (President Federmacchine )
Gianmarco Giordano ( Director ANFIA )
Umberto Maggi ( Deputy General Manager of foundry Torbole )
Giovanni Sacchi (Director of the Coordination Center for Promotion Services of Sistema Italia , the Agency for promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies )
Prof. Thomas Steinhäuser ( foundry Institute, University of Duisburg-Essen) "The Doctrine of foundry technology at the University of Today "
Ralf Franke (Director BMW foundry in Landshut ) BMW
Dariusz Kazmierczak NEMAK Poland, (Plant Manager, NEMAK Poland HPDC foundry and product development center )
Marco Bonometti (OMR automotive) , Massimo Sandrone ( Brembo ), Paul Streparava ( Streparava SpA) and our AMAFOND Honorary President Gabriele Galante (IMF ) were prepared for the panel discussion.

Everyone was open and passionately focused on the growth of the internationalization in Italy.

Bonometti is even convinced the Lombardy region be as successful in Europe as the model Bavaria.

Internationalisation also means the production in our own country, its not only about relocation. Nevertheless, Brembo follows the strategy that international customers and conducts operations on site ( Brembo foundries in Italy, Poland , the Czech Republic und China ).

The company Strepavara is similar as they are active in Spain, Brazil and India . All the while, IMF boss Galante indicates that the group's growth abroad and in Italy Luino runs in parallel to securing jobs in the domestic Luino.

After the rather moderate year of 2013, experts expect an upturn in 2014 which has been felt since October 2013.

AMAFOND will also support the Italian international suppliers in 2014 by accompanying several trade shows and events.

The kick-off will first be at the EUROGUSS 2014 in Nuremberg and in February 2014 at the IFEX in Ahmedabad/India.

Source: Amafond, Fritsch Media GmbH