Russula SAU

Manolo Maneiro: “If things go well, I predict a 200-year future for Russula”

Russula was created 35 years ago with a specific order: to dismantle a steel mill located in Spain and recommission it in Malaysia. It was the company's first project and our first customer. Since then, Russula has grown, specialized, entered new markets and gained the trust of hundreds of customers in more than 35 countries.

The key to success lies in excellence and reliability. "Our customers continue to trust us because they know that Russula is a great expert in rolling mills, because they see that Russula never abandons a customer, because they see that Russula still works with its first client. They trust us because they know that if there is a problem we are always there, we never abandon them," says Manolo Maneiro, president of Russula.

Customer service and proximity are fundamental values for our company. According to Maneiro, "in other companies, when you have a problem, you never reach the president. Here you do. Our clients talk and sit down with the owners of the company."

In addition to engineering solutions for rolling mills and water plants, Russula is committed to developing transversal digital and technological solutions, based on artificial intelligence and vision, which will be the key to building a safer, more efficient, and sustainable steel industry. "If all goes well, I predict a 200-year future for Russula," Maneiro concludes.

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