Sistem Teknik Industrial Furnaces Ltd.

New age of continuous type homogenizing furnaces: Electrical rather than fossil fuels

Sider Alloys Italia is investing in reviving Alcoa's old smelting facility in Portoscuso, Italy, with the help of Sistem Teknik! The companies are using a continuous type homogenizing furnace for the plant, which offers advantages over batch-type furnaces. The furnace reduces cycle time and energy consumption by half, provides thermal balance, and has a homogeneous heat distribution within the furnace environment. The use of electricity in the heating stage instead of natural gas makes the process environmentally friendly and efficient. The furnace design reduces costs, increases safety, and provides ease of maintenance. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2023 and will serve as a model for future projects. The aluminium industry's dependence on natural gas will be reduced, making aluminium production more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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