Silicon RAS BV

PMI & Material check: standard double check on raw material

Material verification: A key quality concern

SILICON’s added value
Of course, we always ask our RAW material supplier for a material certificate. However, this extra PMI check is our added-value!

SILICON performs PMI inspection on every incoming material at the door (coil, plates, strips). With this entry control we are 100% sure that we receive the raw material with the specification we ordered. In other words, that the correct material is used for your order.

What is PMI?
PMI “Positive Material Identification” is a fast, non-destructive testing technique to measure alloy composition and confirming alloy grades.

The PMI gun performs the inspection, reading out all the data from the material.
It can sort grades that differ by less than 0,5% !

Why the right material is so important
PMI inspection and material verification are key concerns for industrial plants. Wether the use is for corrosion resistance, temperature tolerance or mechanical characteristics, alloys need to be specified by design.

An alloy material mix-up causes component failure resulting in down time, repairs or even replacement.

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