Tianyu Metallurgical Equipment(Hangzhou) Co. Ltd.

The Quality Inspection of German Customer Achieved Great Success

Tianyu's Chequer Support has earned worldwide recognition as high quality standards, following a successful acceptance process that involved a visit by Primetals Technologies and German customers.
The comprehensive acceptance process spanning four days showcased the seamless collaboration between Primetals Technologies, the customer, and Tianyu team, ensuring both efficiency and meticulousness throughout.
The acceptance process began with a detailed examination of the Chequer Support's Columns, Girders, Grids, and Cast iron chequer bricks, scrutinizing surface quality, material properties, workshop preassemble, etc. No detail was overlooked, ensuring that Tianyu's commitment to quality was accomplished.
In the end, the Chequer Support successfully passed the rigorous quality inspection, garnering the unequivocal approval of the customer. In light of this achievement, Primetals Technologies client quality inspectors wholeheartedly congratulated and expressed gratitude to Tianyu team, commending both the exceptional product standards and the team's unwavering spirit of cooperation. After passing the quality inspection, the customer spent a factory tour at Tianyu.

Tianyu is a specialized in manufacturing company of metallurgical cooling equipment and industry OEM castings. Up to now, Tianyu has provided cooling equipment and accessories to more than 300 blast furnace and more than 200 converts worldwide, with annual output exceeding 45,000 tonnes. Tianyu has become China’s market leader of cast iron blast furnace cooling equipment.

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