Paul Wurth, Luxembourg

Posco orders BLT charging system

In February 2017, Posco will execute the third reline of their No 3 blast furnace at Pohang works in Korea. Since 1989, this furnace has been operating a central feed type bell less top which has been supplied by Paul Wurth’s licensee IHI of Japan.

Now, enlarging the furnace and increasing the hot metal production to 14000 t/d, the customer decided to switch to a classical type Parallel Hopper top with a hopper volume of 108 m3 each. All components of this charging system will be of latest design; it includes a reinforced type chute transmission gearbox with pressurized water cooling and a spherical maintenance valve. Pressure equalising will be performed with full gas recovery.

By this purchasing decision, Posco gave preference to the innovative solutions of the international market leader, rather than relying on competing systems. The order placed with Paul Wurth comprises engineering, supply of all mechanical key equipment, supply of auxiliary hardware to certain extent and site supervision for erection and commissioning of the complete system. Hardware supply deadline is at the end of January 2017.

Paul Wurth, Luxembourg