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SSAB introduces five new product families

SSAB is introducing five new product ranges – or ‘families’. Each product family has optimized offers based on meeting the specific needs of our customers, tailoring to production processes, and maximizing end-product performance. This is also evident in how the families are named: SSAB Domex, SSAB Boron, SSAB Form, SSAB Laser Plus and SSAB Weathering. “Customers want to know what a product can offer, so it makes sense to group our products according to how they are used,” says Olavi Huhtala, Head of SSAB Europe. “This will make it much easier to identify the right product for the right application. We have created these optimized offers by combining recently-developed products with a selection of the best products from our earlier ranges.”

The new product ranges also provide SSAB´s customers with direct access to the company´s extensive offering of services and support. Customers are welcome to contact SSAB for workshop recommendations and technical support on how to improve their productivity.

The merger between SSAB and Ruukki has resulted in a restructuring of SSAB’s steel portfolio. Last year, SSAB announced some new offerings and this product launch, together with a forthcoming relaunch of the Docol brand for the automotive industry, will complete SSAB´s new product portfolio.

The SSAB brand families introduced, include hot rolled plate, hot and cold rolled strip, metal coated and tubes and sections.

SSAB’s new optimized offerings within steel and services are:

  • SSAB Domex: SSAB Domex is a wide range of versatile structural steel with excellent cold-forming properties for high productivity and reliable performance.

  • SSAB Boron: SSAB Boron is a hardenable steel made for the easy and consistent production of wear-resistant products quenched in the customer’s own workshop.

  • SSAB Form: SSAB Form is the right choice for stamping, stretching, deep drawing, bending, metal spinning and other forming procedures, particularly in high volume production requiring exact and consistent properties.

  • SSAB Laser Plus: SSAB Laser Plus is a structural steel for efficient laser, water and plasma cutting, improving yield and product quality thanks to guaranteed flatness after cutting, low internal stresses and smooth surface.

  • SSAB Weathering: SSAB Weathering and COR-TEN® provide customers with an exceptionally wide choice and flexible ordering of high-strength corrosion-resistant steel grades.

SSAB, Stockholm