SSAB, Stockholm

SSAB launches green product portfolio

SSAB has announced the launch of the greenest product portfolio of high quality color coated steel for exterior building applications. Under the brand name GreenCoat, this offering is also one of the most comprehensive for the entire building industry. GreenCoat is SSAB’s new brand for innovative, eco-conscious and Nordic quality color coated steel products for the building industry. The launch of the new GreenCoat product portfolio provides a carefully composed range of long lasting, energy efficient color coated solutions for roofing, facades and rainwater systems. Since the merger between SSAB and Ruukki, the best technologies and experiences from both companies have been combined to make the color coated product offering more extensive than ever and the greenest on the market for exterior building applications.

SSAB is the pioneer and innovator in creating color coated products for exterior building applications offering a bio-based content in the coating. Within the new product portfolio, most GreenCoat products feature a Bio-based Technology (BT) with a substantial portion of the traditional fossil part replaced by a bio-based alternative. This unique, patented Technology by SSAB reduces the environmental footprint.

“Our bio-based GreenCoat products for roofing, facades and rainwater systems are the only products on the market offering a high bio-renewable content in the coating. We like to say that our products are enhanced by nature, since the coating not only offers environmental advantages, but also increased performance,” says Olavi Huhtala, Executive Vice President SSAB Europe at SSAB Group.

Besides the bio-based coating, the extensive GreenCoat product portfolio also offers energy efficient products both for roofing and facades. They reflect the sun and lower energy requirements for cooling inside during the summer. GreenCoat products are also available with extensive outdoor durability, ensuring the best color and gloss retention over the years.

GreenCoat guarantees are based on over 40 years of experience at real outdoor testing sites. Over 10,000 panels of GreenCoat color coated steel have been exposed year-round to harsh climates and conditions including saltwater, snow, ice, rain, UV radiation, wind and storms on the Swedish west coast and in Florida. In addition, GreenCoat is also undergoing testing in places like Arizona, the West Indies, China, Australia as well as on the coast of France.

GreenCoat Nordic quality color coated products are highly resistant to corrosion, UV radiation as well as scratches. They provide builders with a significantly lighter material compared to alternative solutions, like concrete tiles and have lower temperature elongation than other materials for reduced buckling.

They are easy to work with even down to -15°C and the high quality steel is 100 % recyclable. All GreenCoat products are easy to press, bend, cut, punch and profile and are available in a wide variety of attractive colors and finishes.

GreenCoat color coated steel products are available directly from SSAB’s manufacturing sites and from SSAB stocks. This ensures short delivery times and wide-reaching customer service.

SSAB, Stockholm