Using and storing solar energy

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Thanks to its specific properties, stainless steel is one of the most sought-after materials for the components of a solar system. © WZV/SEN - Solartechnik mit System

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Heat recovery with solar thermal energy: The heat gained by solar radiation is transferred by a corrugated tube heat exchanger made of stainless steel to a storage tank, where it heats fresh water using the continuous flow principle. (© Forstner Speichertechnik GmbH)

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Stainless steel is formed into thin-walled tubes and sheets with complex geometry for the construction and fastening of the tubes and connectors used. © WZV/Vliessmann

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PV systems are increasingly taking over on German roofs: lower acquisition costs and increasingly powerful solar modules are opening up a wide range of usage options.(Source: © WZV/SEN -Solar technology with a system)

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Frame profiles made of stainless steel ensure the required robustness and durability through superior strength and corrosion resistance. © WZV/SEN -Solar technology with system

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The good forming, processing and welding properties also speak for the use of stainless steels for frames and support structures of photovoltaic modules. © WZV/SEN -–Solartechnik mit System


Stainless steel of grades 1.4301 or 1.4303 is the proven standard for locking screws of flat-plate collectors. © WZV/CWF