transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH, Schmallenberg

"tu go": the new standard for quick tube processing

Providing tea "to go" is a standard service in fast-food outlets and the concept has now made a surprise leap into the world of advanced tube processing machines. The established standard at transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH with its customised solutions has become a characteristic drive to develop more and more advanced technologies. But because decisions to purchase plant and equipment for bending, forming, cutting or cleaning pipes and tubes have sometimes to be made very quickly, the company has expanded its range of products and services for the convenience of the customer with the new "tu go" concept. Now selected machines are ready and available ex stock as very reasonably priced standard solutions.

In order to provide these quick turnaround solutions, transfluid has completely reorganised its factory work flow. Gerd Nöker, Managing Director at transfluid, explains the background: "In the course of standardisation, we have based some of our machine technologies quite deliberately on platforms. Thus we are able to offer our customers a precise, quick and reasonably priced solution." Individually developed technologies for applications with higher or more complex demands will of course continue to be produced. But the "tu go" team, specially set up for the new field of business, now extends the company's portfolio with these readily available packages together with tools and accessories as desired.

The machines in stock extend from compact portable bending machines such as the t bend MB 642 with bending radii between two and three times the tube diameter, through the fully automatic mandrel bending machine DB 630-CNC with energy-saving drive systems and powerful electric or hydraulic bending motors right up to the tube processing machine t form REB 632-3, which subsequently processes tubes in up to six stages and is particularly suitable for series products whose shape can be produced by compression.

For especially short-term and cost-efficient requirements, transfluid has a new service to offer. "We maintain a pool of selected machines for customers who wish to use one for a limited period of time only. And used machines, which have naturally been put through their paces by our technical team, are now immediately available," explains Gerd Nöker.


transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH, Schmallenberg