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    LOI Thermprocess GmbH

    Duisburg, Germany
    Tenova LOI Thermprocess is one of the leading companies in supplying industrial furnace systems for the heat treatment of metals. Worldwide clients from the steel, aluminium and automotive industries
    LOI Thermprocess GmbH
  • Airtec Thermoprocess GmbH Industrieofenbau

    Rhede, Germany
    Als Spezialist für den Industrieofenbau und die Thermoprozesstechnik entwickeln wir gemeinsam mit unserem Kunden maßgeschneiderte Anlagen zum Erwärmen auf bis zu 600°C und ebenfalls zum gezieltem
    Airtec Thermoprocess GmbH Industrieofenbau
  • ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH

    Hanau, Germany
    As a manufacturer of plants and systems for the thermal and thermo-chemical treatment of metallic materials in solid and liquid form, ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH is one of the internationally
    ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH
  • BSN Thermprozesstechnik GmbH

    Simmerath, Germany
    Innovation and dedication are key to our success Excellence ‘Made in Germany’: In the past 20 years, BSN Thermprozesstechnik GmbH has grown steadily from an ambitious start-up into a
    BSN Thermprozesstechnik GmbH
  • Centorr Vacuum Industries, LLC

    Nashua, NH, USA
    CVI is a manufacturer of high performance sintering and pressure densification furnaces for alloy steels, stainless steels, high speed steels, hardmetals, and ceramics. Available in laboratory to
    Centorr Vacuum Industries, LLC
  • Himmelwerk Hoch- und Mittelfrequenzanlagen GmbH

    Tübingen, Germany
    As an highly innovative company Himmelwerk has committed itself to ongoing development and continious improvement of highly modern products which are manufacturated in Tübingen for decades.
    Himmelwerk Hoch- und Mittelfrequenzanlagen GmbH
  • HOFMANN Wärmetechnik GmbH

    Hellmonsödt, Austria
    The company was founded by Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Hofmann. Mr. Hermann Gründl took over the company in 1974 and expanded the location in Linz. Since 1999 the company is managed by Mr. Wolfgang
    HOFMANN Wärmetechnik GmbH
  • ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH

    Lindlar, Germany
    ONI started in the early 1980s and has been writing a success story for three decades now. From the smallest beginnings, a company with more than 465 employees has emerged that has received worldwide
    ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH
  • Participant ecoMetals initiative


    Simmerath, Germany
    Founded in 1924, OTTO JUNKER can draw on almost 100 years of experience and continuous product development. The product range includes melting, holding and casting furnaces for iron, steel, copper,
  • PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH

    Wettenberg, Germany
    With more than 1,000 systems on the market and decades of experience of working in the high-temperature range, we are a leading manufacturer of highly innovative vacuum systems. Our outstanding
    PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH
  • SALUS d.o.o.

    Mezica, Slovenia
    SALUS is a Slovenian machine-building company located in Ravne, where the steel industry has 399 years of tradition. The company designs and produces only on order, custom-designed induction
    SALUS d.o.o.
  • Premium Exhibitor

    SCHUPP, M.E., Industriekeramik GmbH

    Aachen, Germany
    SCHUPP® Ceramics is an established specialist for high-temperature technology up to 1,800 °C. Since 1996, our family-owned company has been producing and selling economic while also high-quality
    SCHUPP, M.E., Industriekeramik GmbH
  • Tanabe Corporation

    Tokyo, Japan
    Tanabe goes towards product creation of a ideal environment for people and the earth. That is to provide technology that makes people and the earth more beautiful and comfortable environment. In
  • Tecno Induzione SRL

    Bovolenta (PD), Italy
    Focused on customizing, Tecno Induzione's core-business is the production of turn-key MF/HF induction heating/heat-treatment machineries but our target is offering customers the whole
    Tecno Induzione SRL
  • UltraFlex Power Technologies

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    UltraFlex Power Technologies is a USA-based company that specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions and equipment for induction heating, melting, and casting applications across the globe. With
    UltraFlex Power Technologies