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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.06  Operating materials and supplies for the melting shop
  • 02.06.02  Slag-forming additives

Slag-forming additives

  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.01  Refractory ramming mixtures

Refractory ramming mixtures

  • 06  Moulding sands
  • 06.02  Moulding sand binders
  • 06.02.01  Bentonites and clays

Bentonites and clays

  • 13  Miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills
  • 13.06  Thermal insulation and refractory materials

Thermal insulation and refractory materials

About us

Company details

Magnesite works in Jelšava is the greatest mining and manufacturing magnesite plant in Slovakia. Nowadays, it is a property of joint-stock company and it has gone through over 100 years old history. During the time of its existence the company went through different kinds of transformation process. After breaking-up of the state concern SMZ Košice, on 1.1.1993 there was established the state concern SMZ Jelšava. On 16.2.1994 the plant was registered in the Commercial Register as a joint-stock company.

Management of the company by its origin in 1994, stated the basic principles of the joint-stock company development to assure a constant growth of production and sales. During all previous years of the joint-stock company existence these aims have been achieved.

Production and its quality have been increasing and the joint-stock company has achieved substantial positions in export in four continents of the world. The export rate of the joint-stock company in the first year had achieved 64% of total realisation. At the present time, the export rate is reaching for over 80% of total production. On 30.12.1994 the joint-stock company was given the «Certificate of Approval» to certify that the Quality Management System of SMZ, joint-stock company, Jelšava has been approved by ISO 9002 od firmy Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance which are constantly being asserted by the joint-stock company.

In year 2003 was acquired an ownership share at GE.NE.S Hnúšťa company, which disposes a deposit of Sitype magnesite. The SMZ, a.s. Jelšava became a majority shareholder owning 67 % of the company's shares.

In year 2004 three new stock companies were founded. The foundation of the stock company SMZ - REVIMEX with the office in Revúca has made it possible to take charge of the complete business with the Ukraine and Russia. In this way, the business policy in this territory has been consolidated which found its reflection in the sales economy. The company has been founded by SMZ, a. s. Jelšava and MIDLAND RESOURCES Holding Ltd., Guernsey. Another new company is the stock company KOMATEQ, created by SMZ, a.s. Jelšava and the Swiss company Steinbock Bauxit & Logistik Chur, having its activities in the territory of China. Non-productive activities such as the department store, Hotel Hrádok, kitchen, buffets, trucking and sewing of big-bags were included into the subsidiary stock company SMZ - Services.

Another possibility of the export increasing was a diversification of production and aspiration to follow the world tendencies in lowering the shaped refractory materials consumption and stabilisation of the loose refractory materials consumption, especially monolitic. In order to regard these intentions, the SMZ Jelšava aims to the production of monolitic materials.

Slovak Magnesite Works, joint-stock company, Jelšava, is one of the top European and world producers of loose basic monolitic refractory mixes with its own resource base. The deposits of magnesite belong to the largest deposits in the world. By its specific mineralogy it represents a unique source of ferric magnesite, used for the production of basic refractory bricks in cement industry and basic monolitic mixes in steal-making industry. Thanks to a particular approach to the clients which is based on quality, reliability, precision, long- term tradition and readiness to fulfil all demanding requiries of the customers, the company has gained its great possitions in four continents of the world.

Present position of the company has been strenghtened during all the time of its existence and the company has achieved a great reputation on domestic and international markets. Mentioned facts were confirmed by following awards given to the company:

Ministry of Employment, social affairs and family of SR
- positions in competition „Employer responsive to family"
2001 – 1. place in category - the most original measure for the family
2001 – 2. place in category - politics of the family
2002 – 3. place in category - politics of the family
2003 – 3. place in category - politics of the family
2004 – 3. place in category -politics of the family
2005 – references to realize audit

Ministry of Agriculture of SR

2002 – The best exporter of the year
2005 – The best exporter of the year

Slovak trade and industrial Chamber
- category : Production organization
Big award – for ethical principles in bussiness

RK SOPK Lučenec
- category : Industrial production
The Crystal Mercury – in years 2000, 2005

Club of personnel managers of SR
HR Oscar in the year 2000 – project for employees education

Slovak humanistics Council
Gift of the year 2000
Gift of the year 2001

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