Plot No. E-22, 23 Shiroli MIDC, 416 122 Kolhapur


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Executive board/managing director
Business, corporate or plant management

E-22, 23 Shiroli MIDC
416 122 Kolhapur, India

+ 91 9822112162



Department head/group leader
Business, corporate or plant management

E-22, 23 Shiroli MIDC
416 122 Kolhapur, India

+91 9552559293


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

  • 05  Moulding and core making
  • 05.01  Moulding machines and plants for bentonite-bonded sands
  • 05.01.01  Moulding machines

Moulding machines

  • 05  Moulding and core making
  • 05.03  Core making machines and plants
  • 05.03.01  Core blowing and shooting machines and plants

Core blowing and shooting machines and plants

  • 07  Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
  • 07.01  Moulding sand preparation
  • 07.01.01  Moulding sand preparation machines and plants

Moulding sand preparation machines and plants

  • 07  Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
  • 07.01  Moulding sand preparation
  • 07.01.02  Moulding sand mixer

Moulding sand mixer

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.01  Pouring equipment
  • 10.01.04  Pouring ladles

Pouring ladles

  • 11  Knock-out, fettling and finishing
  • 11.02  Blasting plant and accessories
  • 11.02.02  Airless shot-blasting machines

Airless shot-blasting machines

  • 11  Knock-out, fettling and finishing
  • 11.05  Grinding machines and accessories
  • 11.05.01  Grinding machines, automatic controlled

Grinding machines, automatic controlled

  • 14  Heat treating and drying furnaces
  • 14.01  Mould and ladle dryers

Mould and ladle dryers

  • 14  Heat treating and drying furnaces
  • 14.03  Sand drying plants and stoves

Sand drying plants and stoves

Our products

Product category: Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

Turnkey Foundry Projects

WE KELSONS ENGINEERS AND FABRICATORS as a company that offers high quality foundry turnkey project and other foundry related equipments. Under the one roof of Kelsons and in full range of equipment, we design, manufacture, supply and install the turnkey sand plant project for ARPHA 300, 450, 600 including Sand preparation, Moulding, Metal handling, Knockout, Fettling with full PLC system.

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Product category: Moulding machines

Moulding Machine

KELSONS offer the Pneumatic Jolt Squeeze Molding Machine for small and medium foundries, technical institutes with Jolting Capacity 280 Kg and 350Kg. More than 200 machines are working satisfactory all over India.


• Sturdy Construction
• Pneumatically operated cycle ensures consistent mould quantity and quality.
• Easy to operate.
• Low maintenance
• Spare part available all time.
• Parts of S G Iron with FG – 260 grades

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Product category: Core blowing and shooting machines and plants

Cold Box Core Shooter

KELSONS Cold Box Core Shooters ensures high productivity with low manufacturing cost by it’s technology. Kelsons offers automatic PLC based horizontal and vertical parted, universal type multi station machine with very compact and economic design having range 3 kg to 30 kg.


• Compact, solid and robust design
• High Dimension accuracy
• Short Gassing time with efficient shooting system
• Low amine Consumption
• Reduced machine cycle time with high productivity
• Fast tool exchanger with multi tool operation
• Air Drier Unit
• Complete cycle runs in accordance with parameter defined in control system
• Manual mode also can be used
• Machine operations by Pneumatically and Hydraulically

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Product category: Moulding sand mixer

Moulding Sand Mixer

KELSONS Intensive Mixer Provide homogeneous mixing of Sand with high speed blenders which gives excellent sand quality with uniform sand strength having capacity of 300kg, 500kg, 600kg,and 700kg with optional accessories of mechanical charger, Load Cell system, and Control Panel

SALIENT Features
• Sturdy Construction
• Easy for preventive and routine maintenance
• Inside lining of Stainless steel
• All pulleys are taper lock pulleys
• Guide vanes for pushing the sand in spin action below the rotors
• Rotor blades fine, angular and carbide tips brazed
• Homogeneous Sand Mixing- Excellent Sand quality-Uniform sand strength
• High casting quality
• Environmentally friendly operation with no dust leakage or loss of fines
• Fully automatic Control Panel
• Auto water- Dozing panel

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Product category: Pouring ladles

Pouring Ladles

KELSONS are leading manufacturer and exporter of foundry ladle up to 25 ton capacity for ferrous and non ferrous metals having more than 600 satisfied customers in India and overseas for ladle. We continuously supply different types of ladle for application of pouring, transfer and treatment of metal

• Lip pouring Ladle
• Tea Spout pouring Ladle,
• S. G. Treatment Ladle,
• Bottom Pouring Ladle for steel foundries,
• Bail ARM and Shell (Crane Tilt ladle),
• U shaped Ladle

• Ladles as per IS Standard
• All Raw materials are ultra tested above 3 ton capacity
• Center of Gravity calculated by using 3 D modeling considering ladle, lining and metal.
• There is no Direct Load on the Hardware, provided with counter Safety.
• For heavy ladles all hardware and fasteners are High tensile type.
• Provided with Heat shield and safety locks wherever required.


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Product category: Airless shot-blasting machines

Shot Blasting Machine

Kelsons Shot Blasting Machine having Load Carrying Capacity of 300kg, 500kg and 1000kg with Optional Accessories  fully and semi automatic system - Magnetic Seperator, Pulse Jet type Dust Collector and PLC Control Panel. 

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Product category: Grinding machines, automatic controlled

Pedestal and Swing Frame Grinders

KELSONS having Grinder Range for Wheel Dia. 400, 450, 500 and 600 mm , Known by the model KPG and KSF (Kelsons Pedestal Grinder and Kelsons Swing Frame Grinder)



• Sturdy & robust design.
• Designed for severe duty environment.
• Body made up of M. S. Fabricated.
• Rotating parts are well guarded for safety.
• Spindles &Bearing are sealed.
• Shaft is made up of EN8
• Kelsons Pedesatl Grinder having easily adjustable work rest i.e. Adjustable job table height.
• Kelsons Swing Frame Grinder having provision to move the machine easily in grinding Positions.
• Kelsons Swing Frame Grinder having both the type i.e. right handed and left handed position.

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Product category: Mould and ladle dryers


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Product category: Sand drying plants and stoves

Sand Drier

KELSONS manufactures high efficient single and double shell design rotary sand dryer which remove moisture from sand uniformly due to its design of inbuilt.
Kelsons also offers full turnkey Sand Projects consisting of Sand Drying, Sieving and Storage system
Sand drier include Sand feeding hopper, Rotary drum, Burner, Hose connections and Drive assembly, bottom frame with inbuilt self sand uniform loading System.
KELSONS Make Sand Drier having capacity per Hours of 500 Kg, 1 Ton, 2 Ton, 3 Ton, and 5Ton.
More than 100 Nos. Drier working satisfactorily.


• Proven design with energy efficient feature.
• Low maintenance & low noise.
• Sturdy & robust designed & constructed.
• Drum is insulated with high density cerawool to avoid heat loss.
• Burner having compact design with control on flame, provision of adjustable combustion head & easy accessible.
• Control panel for burner is provided.

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About us

Company details



We are the leading manufacturer and exporters of complete range of foundry equipments for ferrous, non ferrous foundry industry and technical institutes since 1994.

With our full fledge design centre , good motivated and well experienced staff, with latest design software, we are able to develop variety of product within a span of two decades.

OUR MANUFACTURING RANGE – Standard As Well As Custom/Bespoke

- Turnkey Foundry Projects
- Molding Equipments
- Core Making And Shooting Machines And Plants
- Molten Metal Handling And Distribution
- Fettling And Grinding Equipment
- Sand Core Drying Equipments
- Sand Transportation And Storage Equipment

KELSONS GROUP is presently enjoying the trust and loyalty of over 1200 Domestic and international foundry customers. Our overseas customers are from Malaysia, Syria, Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Turkey, Egypt, Uganda, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Korea, Bangladesh, Croatia, Thailand, Germany, Russia, Nepal, and South Africa.

KELSONS has qualified and motivated over 200 employees. 


- KELSONS Engineers and Fabricators (Mfg of Full Range of Foundry Equipments)
- KELSONS Sand Testing Equipment (Mfg of Foundry Sand Testing Equipments)
- KELSONS Metallurgical Equipment (Mfg of foundry Metal Testing Equipments)
- KELSONS Shell Sand (Supply Of Resin Coated Sand)
- KELSONS Enterprises (Deals For Spares of Foundries)

Why AT GIFA 2015,

KELSONS focus all its interest to introduce our capacities and capabilities by meeting and developing business friends, globally. &

KELSONS is eagerly looking forward to have a global partnership for JV or Collaboration.

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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

Export content

max. 10%

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