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20 Jun 2019

Fire Sleeve F88 Basalt eco for workplaces exposed to extremely high heat

New development: F88 Basalt eco fire sleeve
* Extended service life thanks to constant very high fire resistance
* Improved protection of people and materials

With the F88 Basalt eco fire sleeve, VIGOT is bringing a new development to market that was designed especially for workplaces exposed to extremely high heat, such as blast furnaces. This innovation complements the selection of MAXIMALL® hose systems that are already commonly used in metallurgy today.  

The F88 Basalt eco fire sleeve is made of braided or knitted basalt fibres with a silicone coating for convincing, outstanding temperature characteristics. It maintains its functionality even at the highest continuous temperature exposure. An extreme temperature range for short-term flame use is also tolerated. The performance remains outstanding even with partial overheating.

The consistently very high fire resistance of the F88 Basalt eco fire sleeve protects the material, increases the service life and thus meets the high demands of the workplace.

Especially in view of the safety of personnel at blast furnaces and other workplaces exposed to high heat, the F88 Basalt eco fire sleeve is an important new development. It integrates seamlessly into the series of innovations developed by VIGOT under the motto “safety first”. 

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20 Jun 2019

VIGOT presents MAXIMALL® Metallurgy Industry

Right on time for GIFA 2019, VIGOT presents the MAXIMALL® Metallurgy brand on its website. We have gathered all the important information about the different types of hoses and hose lines as well as the matching fittings, pipe connections and clamps in a comprehensive folder for you. For the download please click the link below or inform yourself with our website and current eCatalogue.

On our website you will find all products of MAXIMALL® Metallurgy: Cooling water hoses as well as fire protection hoses with mats and fittings or under abrasion-resistant hoses the coal injection hose. A comprehensive data sheet with all information can be downloaded on the site.

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