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Product category: Steel mills


This mill is designed for the production of rebars and rounds bars.

Mill train is composed by PERT BS STANDS in H/V configuration into the roughing and intermediate train, while the finishing rolling mill will be composed by PERT 2xTECHNOLOGY No-Twist® Finishing Block, as its flexibility offers the possibility to apply it on installations of both little-medium capacity mills (350’000 t/y) and high capacity mills (600-800’000 t/y).

The maximum speed which can be reached is 40 m/s, for round of 8 mm, corresponding to an hourly production of 100 t/h.

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Product category: Steel mills


Thanks to 4 different typologies of fast finishing blocks for wire rod proposed by PERT, each wire rod rolling mill, whichever is the capacity, can be provided “taylor-made” according to customer’s requirements.

Ours PERT WIRE ROD BLOCK and PERT 2xTECHNOLOGY No-Twist® Finishing Block are designed with configuration at 90° (for speed up to 80 m/s) and 45° (for speed up to 120 m/s) and for one or two strand rolling. The wide range of fast finishing blocks typologies allows us to operate from small plants (200’000 t/y) to very large plants (PertGigaMill® 2'000'000 t/y) at 1,2 or 4 strands.

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Product category: Steel mills


This plant assure the production of a wide range of products, which makes it suitable to meet the broad market’s demand.

As the plant’s utilization factor is very low, the changing speed between a product to another one is a very important matter as regards the cost-effectiveness of the production. Thanks to the technology of PERT BS STANDS and PERT’s FLUR® System for the ring changing on the finishing block, the setting times of the rolling line to change the product are reduced to the minimum and consequently also reduced the shutdown-times of the plant.

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About us

Company details

PERT srl is an Italian company specialized on the engineering and supply of rolling mills for long products such as:

-Rebar mill
-Wire rod mill
-Light and medium section mill
-Special steel mill
-Grinding balls mill
In the last years PERT has developed and patented new and revolutionary equipment for rolling mills, such as :

1)PERT BS Stands - The new benchmark for rolling mill stands – Main features: Absence of spindles, Absence of chocks, Absence of on-board piping, Eccentric gap regulation, High stiffness, - 85% of spare parts.
2)PERT Wire Rod Fast Finishing Block - Working speed up to 120 m/s
3) 2xTECHNOLOGY Finishing Block - Two strands which are contemporary rolled (max. speed 35 m/s per strand) for rebar finishing
4)FLUR System (Fast Lock/Unlock Ring System) - For fast finishing blocks - Ring changing time: 1 min per ring - Increased annual production: +3% up to +11%
A very important factor, which is often not given the right importance, is that PERT is not only a company that designs and supplies complete rolling mills or in the revamping
of the existing lines, but it is FIRST and FOREMOST an engineering company which covers the engineering field at 360°.

PERT has the capacities to manage the whole project not only in terms of process and equipment supply, but also from the point of view of optimizing the layout, optimizing
the electrical and piping distributions, the design of civil works and buildings structure and the design and supply of auxiliary plants (water treatment plants and fume treatment
plants are design from PERT environmental division, brand name PERTECO).

(On our website you will find an overview of our companies)

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Company data

Export content

> 75%

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Area of business
  • Plant and equipment for processing prime and raw materials
  • Plant and equipment for steel making
  • Plant and systems for environmental protection and disposal, gas purifi cation
  • Miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills
  • Steel mills
  • Consultation, planning, services

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