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Our products

Product category: Control equipment, automation technology

Precimeter Tap Out Actuator

Precimeter tap out actuators are primarily used to control the flow of molten metal through the exit tap hole of a stationary furnace. Once casting is started the existing control rod is fastened on to the actuator. With a level signal from a level sensor the actuator will automatically control the metal level and flow in the launder system feeding the casting machine. The operators can be removed from dangerous areas and set to supervise the process from a safe location.

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Product category: Control equipment, automation technology


This small, compact actuator is primarily used for control the flow of molten metal through a tap hole in head box applications.
The actuator is equipped with a built in 4-20mA position feed back. Adjustable speed, travel length, holding force, closing force and open force.

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Product category: Control equipment, automation technology

Precimeter Pin Position Actuator

The Precimeter Pin Position Actuators are primarily used to control the flow of molten metal trough a pin plug valve (pin and spout); for instance in slab casting. They can be used anywhere in a launder/trough system where you have a level drop and need to control the flow of molten metal through a pin and spout.

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About us

Company details

Precimeter is a premium supplier of molten metal control sensors.  We specialize in solutions for metal level, transfer and flow control.  Precimeter provides solutions for all metals and alloys.  Our customers include OEM metal casting machine manufactures, System Integrators and metal casting end users.  Our R&D and Engineering teams also provide assistance with system design and commissioning work.   

Precimeter is a globally active company headquartered in Sweden. We are also located in Germany, U.S.A and China. In order to provide excellent service to our world wide customers we are working with local representatives world wide and are represented in more than 50 countries servicing the local markets.

The core business and focus of Precimeter is molten metal level and flow control. To achieve this Precimeter is divided in four different product areas. Precimeter Non Ferrous provides sensors and equipment for control of molten non ferrous metals, especially liquid aluminium. Precimeter Die Casting services the die casting industry with level probes. Metal transfer provides electromagnetic pumps for various metal transfer applications. The fourth area is Precimeter Ferrous foundry with equipment for molten metal level control in iron and steel foundries.

At Precimeter we are fully committed to our customers and their needs. For more than twenty years we have been active in the field of molten metal level control and foundry automation. Every member of the Precimeter team is constantly involved in a learning process. Our extensive industry knowledge lays the foundation for our continued work and product development. At Precimeter we remain fully committed to continuous development of our technology for better foundry processes and casting automation.

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