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Velco Gesellschaft für Förder-, Spritz- und Silo-Anlagen mbH

Postfach 101346, 42513 Velbert
Haberstr. 40, 42551 Velbert
Telephone +49 2051 2087-0
Fax +49 2051 2087-20

Hall map

METEC 2019 | GIFA 2019 hall map (Hall 5): stand C03

Fairground map

METEC 2019 | GIFA 2019 fairground map: Hall 5


Christian Wolf

Managing Director

42551 Velbert, Germany

+49 2051 20870


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.04  Auxiliary melting and melt processing facilities
  • 02.04.04  Blowing-in equipment for cupolas

Blowing-in equipment for cupolas

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.04  Auxiliary melting and melt processing facilities
  • 02.04.06  Inoculation devices, injection equipment

Inoculation devices, injection equipment

  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.02  Equipment for the lining of melting and pouring equipment
  • 03.02.02  Spraying machines for refractory material

Spraying machines for refractory material

  • 15  Transportation and storage
  • 15.03  Pneumatic conveyors
  • 15  Transportation and storage
  • 15.07  Bunkers, silos and accessories

Bunkers, silos and accessories

  • 02  Plant and equipment for iron making
  • 02.05  Burden plant, coal injection plant

Burden plant, coal injection plant

  • 03  Plant and equipment for steel making
  • 03.02  Electric steel production

Electric steel production

  • 03  Plant and equipment for steel making
  • 03.03  Secondary metallurgy
  • 03  Plant and equipment for steel making
  • 03.05  Components, ancillary equipment
  • 04  Plant and equipment for non-ferrous metal production
  • 04.06  Components, ancillary equipment

Components, ancillary equipment

Our products

Product category: Spraying machines for refractory material, Components, ancillary equipment


The gunning machine type "ROTAMAT f" (refractory) is a continuously operating rotor gunning machine with a wide range of capacity and is well-proved in the refractory industry. Wherever great demands are made to the machinery technology with regard to dust-free and low-wear gunning of dry refractory concretes - the "ROTAMAT f" is used.

The gunning machine type „ROTAMAT f“ (refractory) complies with all relevant provisions of the machine directives 2006/42/EG, the low voltage directive 2006/95/EG on electrical equipment and the directive 2004/108/EG on electromagnetic compatibility.

The gunning material to be worked is fed through a hopper and a star-shaped agitator to the rotor. This rotor - fixed-ended between two sealing disks and driven by a rotary-current or compressed-air motor conveys the gunning material by the so-called thin-stream-method to the blow-off socket where it is blown into a hose or pipeline by compressed air.

Before being discharged from the line, the up to now dry or earth-slightly moist gunning material is mixed with water in the nozzle mixing unit.

The device operates with a blowing pressure from 0,5 to 6 bar and is able to transport the gunning material over a distance of up to 200 m.

Furthermore it is possible to operate the total installation by means of a remote control. In connection with the well-known Velco storage and charging systems the whole gunning procedure can be automated at a later stage.

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Product category: Spraying machines for refractory material, Components, ancillary equipment

RON and NA

For the processing of gunning material with a higher humidity share, so-called plastic materials, Velco has the gunning machine RON and NA in their production program.

The gunning machine RON has a gunning capacity of up to 1,7 m³/h.

The NA machine is suitable for higher gunning capacities (up to 4,5 m³/h).

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Product category: Components, ancillary equipment, Spraying machines for refractory material


Transport unit for VELCO - Rotamat

This new transport unit for the VELCO rotor gunning machine enables a safe displacement of the machine by means of forklift, crane or truck inside or even outside the plant.

The transport unit distinguishes by simple and safe handling. The Rotamat machine is set on the transport unit, easily fixed and soon ready for transport.
The unit is furthermore equipped with a lockable box where the gunning equipment, friction wheels, packing washers and tools can be orderly and safely kept with the machine.

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Product category: Blowing-in equipment for cupolas, Inoculation devices, injection equipment, Pneumatic conveyors

Injection Installations for Foundries

VELCO Injection Systems for Foundries

Cost efficiency is one of the most important factors today. The injection systems developed and manufactured by VELCO offer economic advantages

when injecting carbon into cupola furnaces instead of using costly batch coke
when FeSi and other additives are dosed added
when foundry residues like filter dust, grinding- and fettling dusts are injected, whereby valuable residues are added to the melt without charging the environment (Fig.1) and high disposal costs are avoided
Within the framework of a BMBF research project VELCO injected Zn-containing filter dusts into the metal melt. Here high-concentrated zinc oxide is produced (Fig.2)

A similar installation is used in an iron foundry for the injection of carbon fines into the melt for their carburization process.

Also for non-iron melting plant the recycling of production residues fines is a practicable method. Depending on the grain sizes and the melt volumes the fines are blown into or onto the melt.  Hence, valuable raw materials are recovered from residues.

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Product category: Burden plant, coal injection plant, Secondary metallurgy

Injection Installations for Steel Plants

VELCO will show its UNIDOS injection system used in electric steel plants for the injection of carbon for foaming slag process as well as for the addition of lime and the injection of different additives for the metallurgical process.

Nowadays, with regard to ecological and economical aspects, it is also used to blow-in filter dust.   For materials that flow poorly and agglomerate easily, VELCO offers the UNIDOS-R model which is equipped with a special agitator in the chamber substructure.

UNIDOS is also a sophisticated system used in blast furnace operations, where carbon powder, iron ore, filter dust, Rutilit, Ilmenite and even plastic shredder material are fed into the furnace.

A further field of application is ladle metallurgy. Here, VELCO’s machine system is used among others for the carburization or desulphurization process.

EAFs with EBT can be equipped with an automatic installation for the addition of tap hole filling sand. The exact needed quantity of sand can be given either semi or fully automatically onto the EBT. This procedure reduces the standstill times and the danger of accidents.

In the non-iron industry it is utilized to inject salts, alloys or carbon dust.

For coarser bulk materials or materials with higher humidity, VELCO offers its machine type EKS with mechanical dosing system. All machine types can be provided as multiple dosing devices with several, parallel outlets.


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Product category: Components, ancillary equipment, Components, ancillary equipment

Gunning Manipulators for the Refractory Repair

The hot gunning repair of aggregates (converter, ladle, EAF, RH-snorkels etc.) is a cost saving alternative to the shut-down and renewal of the complete lining. This process increases the service life of a furnace considerably and it further results in savings of re-heating energy. Due to the quick repair, the number of circulating aggregates, e.g. ladles, can be reduced, too. Moreover, the accident risk is reduced.


However, melt shops are not identical. VELCO offers the customized solution for each aggregate, being a fix installation, crane-moved or mobile unit.


The market introduction of VELCO’s MobiGUN manipulator (Fig.1) found a lot of interest because this gunning manipulator offers several advantages compared with a fix-installed one.

The latest start-up of a MobiGUN was at an Indian steel plant where several EAFs on same furnace floor. MobiGUN offers an electro-mechanic gunning head which is diesel driven from a telescopic handler with hydraulic boom. MobiGUN can be used for all furnaces, as it is self-moving. All it needs is a hose connection to the water and material supply. Also maintenance of the MobiGUN is more effective as it can be done independently from furnace standstills, at any time of its non-use. Hence, MobiGUN is a cost-saving allrounder.


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About us

Company portrait

For almost 50 years VELCO manufactures gunning machines for the refractory industry and gunning robots for the refractory repair of EAF, ladles and RH degassers. The manufacturing range also includes pneumatic injection installations for the metallurgical industry.

Company data

Foundation 1971