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Major Furnace Australia Pty. Ltd.

P.O. Box 309, 3169 Clayton South
92 Fairbank Road, 3169 Clayton South
Telephone +61 3 85581800
Fax +61 3 85581805

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THERMPROCESS 2019 hall map (Hall 10): stand B80

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THERMPROCESS 2019 fairground map: Hall 10


Steve Strutt

+61 (0)427682786


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.07  Non-ferrous metals
  • 01.07.14  Heating
  •  Heating, Preheating

Our products

Product category: Heating, Preheating

Tilting Rotary Furnace

  • Aluminium Dross Recycling
  • Aluminium Recycling
  • Lead Battery Reclaim
  • Zinc Dross Recycling
  • Light Metal Processing
Benefits over Conventional Non-Tilting Rotary Furnaces
  • Faster, safer metal & slag tapping practices
  • Lower noise emissions
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Greater thermal efficiency
  • Reduced flux requirements
  • Quicker charging sequences
  • Reduced labour requirements
Equipment Description
The furnace comprises a refractory lined rotating cylinder, swing aside charge door with integral burner and flue, tilt cradle, stationary floor mounted supports, tilting fume hood and control cabinet.

Furnace Construction
Charging and discharging are both achieved through an opening in the front of the furnace. The charge/discharge door houses the burner and flue which allows the flue gases to attain a double pass. Opening is actuated via a hydraulic actuator which moves about a pivot located to the side. This requires only one position for flexing of the gas, air and electrical cables and results in the furnace door moving to one side with a total rotational travel of 180 degrees.
Furnace Waste Gas Ducting

The flue canopy is directly mounted on to the tilt cradle with the duct terminating on the pivot axis so that fumes may continue to be extracted via a rotating joint throughout the full range of tilt. The flue duct battery limit is a stationary flange at the rotating joint. This system requires an induced exhaust fan downstream of our battery limit.

Electrical Cabinet
The electrical control cabinet has an environmental rating of IP55 and is engineered to be mounted either adjacent to or remotely from the furnace. The electrical battery limit is the cabinet mounted electrical isolation device.

Combustion System
The gas train components have an environmental rating of IP54. The combustion air blower is fitted with noise attenuation on the inlet to reduce noise levels to 83 dBa at 1 metre.

Oxygen / Fuel Combustion
Major’s oxygen enriched combustion system provides customers with an advanced method of processing metals. Our proprietary PLC program provides for tailored cycle parameters to optimise metal recoveries.

Floor mounted personnel protection guard rails can be provided which are engineered to the Australian Standard and are adjacent to moving parts outside frame support and around hot areas. Guards are provided across the driven end near the rotating motor, and beside the furnace on each side, protecting personnel from the door opening.

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Product category: Heating, Preheating

Aluminium Siphoning System

Siphon Transfer of Liquid Aluminium from transfer crucibles to aluminium holding furnaces

Benefits Over Conventional Transfer Methods
  • Safer molten metal transfer practices
  • Reduction of metal loss of around 75% of dross make due to the hot metal transferring operation
  • Automated vacuum control system utilising PLC
  • Low residual of aluminium remaining in transfer crucibles

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Product category: Heating, Preheating

Tilting Crucible Furnace

Non Ferrous Applications
  • Aluminium Melting
  • Gold Melting and Refining
  • Lead an Zinc Melting
  • Copper, Brass and Bronze Melting
Design Features
  • Hydraulic Lip Axis Tilting
  • Wide range of fuels useable
  • Low thermal losses – high efficiency
  • Silicon carbide crucible as standard
  • Special applications built to order
  • Equipment Description Construction
Major crucible melting furnaces are of steel fabricated construction using plate and rolled sections. The furnace is lined with high temperature rated refractory, backed with calcium silicate insulating board.

Temperature Control
Standard temperature control is achieved by sensing flue gas temperature which is shown on a digital display.
Bath Temperature Control (Optional)

An immersion thermocouple in a protective sheath can be used to sense actual melt temperature. This optional extra is supplied with an LED display of set and operating temperature.

Control Panel
Features include:
  • Digital display of temperatures
  • Power on indicating light
  • Main isolating switch
Safety Features
In case of accidental spill of metal or failure of crucible within the furnace an emergency plug fitted in the base would automatically dislodge, thus allowing molten metal to escape from within.

The two stage packaged type burner is complete with built in fan, flame safety controls and electric ignition. The burner, when not operating, is protected against radiant heat from refractory by a thermostat activating the fan to maintain burner internals within acceptable temperature limits.

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Product category: Heating, Preheating

Dust Collectors/Baghouses

Filtaire Products a wholly owned division of Major, provides a full range of Bag Filtration Equipment from the smallest unit to the largest industrial application.

Filtaire also supply a range of Cartridge Element dust Collectors for those less demanding applications.

Applications include:
  • aluminium
  • aluminium dross
  • lead
  • zinc
  • incineration
  • iron ore
  • coal
  • grain handling
  • cement
  • timber
  • sugar
  • paper
Products include screw conveyors, rotary valves and ducting.

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Product category: Heating, Preheating

Thermal Oxidisers

Afterburners and Thermal Oxidizers
Reduces pollution from industrial process odours, VOC emissions and the like.
Highly efficient destruction of VOC’s including benzene.
Time, Temperature and Turbulence key factors.
Residence time and temperature according to process requirements.
Supplied with new equipment or retrofits to existing processes.
Raw gas or nozzle mix firing available.
Refractory designed for long life.
Special applications including flow modulation available.
Add on recuperator or heat exchangers for greater fuel efficiency.

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Product category: Heating, Preheating


Ovens – Batch
  • air circulation batch ovens
  • bench and laboratory ovens and furnaces
  • controlled atmosphere ovens and furnaces
Ovens – Catenary
  • Multi zone catenary ovens for curing painted strip on continuous paint lines.
  • Steel or Aluminium.
  • Semi-indirect and indirect available.
  • High efficient heat transfer.
  • Combination of holes and slot nozzle types.
  • Improved nozzle to strip distance means less problems with strip shape.
  • Natural & LP gas fired.
  • Incorporates latest Safe Access techniques.
  • Thermal oxidisers and heat recovery incorporation available.
  • Accessories include Coater Rooms, Air and Water Quench and strip drying.

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Product category: Heating, Preheating

Process Heaters

Process Heaters
Thermal process equipment to heat a range of industrial process fluids.
Direct fired hot gas generators for air.
Indirect fired for high pressure air, nitrogen, heat transfer oil and similar fluids.
Convection and/or radiant equipment available.
Fuels available include natural gas, LPG, fuel oil.
Horizontal or Vertical configurations.
High thermal efficiency.

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Product category: Heating, Preheating

Process Coolers

Metallic Strip Rapid Jet Cooling
Specialised high efficiency coolers for steel and aluminium strip.
Applications for continuous metallic coating and paint lines.
Specially adapted to resin coating and “anti finger print” applications.
High heat transfer with low sheet flutter.
Compact design.
Cooling to near ambient possible with low LMTD.

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Product category: Heating, Preheating

Lubrication and Hydraulics

Lubrication and Hydraulics Systems Integrator
Major has the capability and experience to Systems Integrate for the customer. Utilising Major’s specialty skills in lubrication, hydraulics and PLC engineering we can provide customers with a wide range of options.

  • multi-point oiling systems
  • centralised automatic greasing systems
  • single point oiling and greasing systems
Component Sales
Complete range of hydraulic, lubrication and associated component sales.

Technical Consulting
Hydraulic and lubrication systems with a speciality in fire risk and environmentally sensitive areas.

System Manufacture
Basic and specialty units to full turn key systems.

Test Equipment
Test rig facilities for testing flow and pressure of hydraulic pumps, cylinders, motors and valves.

Maintenance and Service
  • Site and shop repairs
  • Breakdown (emergency) and shutdown
  • Failure mode analysis
  • Retrofit
  • Programmed maintenance
  • Oil analysis
  • Hire power units with facility to fit valves etc. for customer emergency use

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About us

Company portrait

Australian Excellence in Engineering since 1912

Major supplies thermal and fluid power technology to crematoria, heavy industrial, mining, petrochemical and utilities sectors both in Australia and Internationally with a broad range of products and services.

Best known for the engineering and manufacture for medium to large scale mechanical and thermal capital equipment and services, Major has developed its capabilities to include fluid power, plant automation and safe access systems.

Major distinguishes itself from its competitors by maintaining the resources necessary to serve its customers from concept through to routine maintenance, component sales and after sales support.

Major is an engineering based company, dedicated to excellence in detail, engineering, manufacture and service. Whether working to a detailed specification or in partnership with our customers to develop new and innovative solutions, Major is committed to providing quality products and services.

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Foundation 1912
Area of business Industrial furnaces, industrial heat treatment plants and thermal processes