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Hannoversche Str. 59, 31061 Alfeld (Leine)
Telephone +49 5181 78-0
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

  • 05  Moulding and core making
  • 05.01  Moulding machines and plants for bentonite-bonded sands
  • 05.01.03  Moulding plants with flasks

Moulding plants with flasks

  • 07  Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
  • 07.01  Moulding sand preparation
  • 07.01.01  Moulding sand preparation machines and plants

Moulding sand preparation machines and plants

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.01  Pouring equipment
  • 10.01.02  Pouring equipment, dosing

Pouring equipment, dosing

Our products

Product category: Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

MX 20 and MX 30

Clearly better.
Building pouring machines is something many can do, but replicating KÜNKEL WAGNER‘s expert know-how and experience is quite a different story. So it‘s no surprise that MX pouring machines have held their leading position in the industry for many years. They provide users convincing advantages: performance and superb engineering down to the smallest detail.

Quite the pair: KW pouring machines MX 20 and MX 30. Both provide the outstanding casting quality you expect. And beyond that: they are available with add-on features and components including various degrees of automation creating ideal conditions for precise, loss-free pouring in your specific process.

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Product category: Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

Applications and Options

Fully automated, expertly engineered, versatile
Exceeding your expectations.
By deciding to purchase a KÜNKEL WAGNER pouring machine, you have taken the first step on a path to state-of-the-art metal processing tailored for your specific needs. A wide range of equipment designs and options – including innovative ancillary and add-on modules as well as multiple-machine combinations – can be used to create the system which best fits your requirements.
Looking to speed up your casting cycle? Utilise the benefits of our rapid, loss-free ladle changeover. Looking for accurate, contact-free measurement of pouring temperature? Our two-colour pyrometer gauge with user-friendly data display will do the job nicely.

Flexible machinery architecture adaptable to your process needs.

KÜNKEL WAGNER pouring systems provide flexible options for problem-free processing of even CGI and other process-sensitive metal grades. Whether you need flask tracking and management systems, online data exchange and/or process monitoring and control of parameters such as pouring time, inoculation time, charge I.D., temperature and shot weight, our pouring machines provide the unique combination of technologies to do the job right. Our service-proven designs and the performance spectrum they provide define the state of the art in foundry practice. Whether your application requires one MX 20 or MX 30 or several in combination: we will solve the problem at hand. Supplying just the pouring machine would not be consistent with our holistic systems approach. Let us know your visions and exact requirements; we will propose the best solution for you.

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Product category: Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

The MX pilot: for a safe trip.

As an established supplier to the industry, we are fully aware of the demands and high safety standards which must be met in metals processing. Offering processes and solutions for maximum operational safety and a hazard-free workplace, we imagine the unimaginable – and then transform it into reality. Innovation at its best. Even forklift trucks for refractory-rated ladle transport cannot eliminate hazards for personnel and machinery when molten metal is transferred from the melting operation to the moulding plant. KW offers the safer solution: the MX pilot. This fully automated ladle transporter with smart design and function travels to its pouring stations in accordance with a programmable schedule. At each stop, it automatically carries out the required tasks, for example lifting the empty ladle, emptying it completely, transporting the ladle to the filling station, refilling it and returning it to the pouring machine in slag-free condition. In short: a safe, on-time connection rivalling those provided by the best railways.

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About us

Company portrait

For foundries of the future
Thinking ahead.
KW is your perfect partner when the situation demands economical, first-rate technology “made in Germany”. Robust, dependable plant and equipment reaffirms our worldwide reputation for over 110 years. We shall continue this journey of shaping the future of this industry since we believe in thinking ahead.
Foundry professionals value the over 110 years of innovation and top-level competence displayed by staff at KÜNKEL WAGNER. Technology, precision, efficiency, functionality and product quality are all reflected in the development and production of turnkey foundry solutions, modular systems and their components. This includes everything from an automatic moulding plant to sand preparation, reclamation, pouring equipment along with enhancing process technology. While the above is true the only standard we apply is the one set by our customers. Our competence spans across various sectors; being the best yardstick to measure success. Make your capability a reality: with KÜNKEL WAGNER. For foundries of the future.