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Spaleck Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Postfach 2253, 46372 Bocholt
Schlavenhorst 117, 46395 Bocholt
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 12  Surface treatment
  • 12.05  Surface treatment materials

Surface treatment materials

  • 12  Surface treatment
  • 12.06  Surface treatment plants
  • 22  Environmental protection and waste removal
  • 22.10  Water treatment plants

Water treatment plants

  • 25  Additive Manufacturing
  • 25.04  Post Processing
  • 25.04.06  Surface treatment

Surface treatment

Our products

Product category: Surface treatment plants

Abrasive and Polishing Media

The abrasive media is a ceramic product, either the ceramic abrasive media or fully polymerized polyester resins with abrasives, the plastic media.  Since the most varying workpieces are processed in slide grinding processes, the shapes and sizes of the abrasive media are extremely diverse. Depending on the composition, the abrasive power of media can be weak or strong.

Plastic media are generally used for softer materials such as aluminium; in contrast to ceramic media that are applied in processing harder materials like, e.g., steel.

Polishing media are mainly composed of porcelain or stainless steel. They are less or not at all abrasive. The surface is smoothed in such a manner that a polished surface is obtained.

Polishing media made from stainless steel are either ball- or satellite-shaped. Polishing media made of porcelain have smaller dimensions and are cylindrical in shape.

For further information on dimensions, shapes and effects, please refer to our current Process Media Catalogue.

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Product category: Surface treatment plants


Compounds are mixtures that are added to the slide grinding process for the following reasons:

• Corrosion protection /tarnish protection
• Degreasing / cleaning
• Shining and burnishing
• Brightening
• Acid etching

Polishing and cleaning compounds are essentially composed of various biologically degradable tensides, corrosion inhibitors, organic salts, anti-foaming agents and solubilizers. The polishing compounds have different properties, depending on the composition of these components. Type and dosage depends on the required finishing results.

Acid compounds usually contain acids with additives, and thus do not anti-corrosive or cleaning properties. Consequently, following acid etching, the activated surface must be neutralized or passivated.
Our current Process Media Catalogue provides a brief overview of the numerous different compounds.

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Product category: Water treatment plants

Treating Process and Waste Water

In general, the water resulting from slide grinding contains heavy metals and oils, or cannot yet be discharged due to the pH value. Hence, the water cannot be discharged into the public sewer network without first being treated.

The waste water can, e.g., be physicochemical treated and then discharged. It must be taken into account that the respective wastewater treatment plant requires both official approval for operation and a discharge consent.

Alternatively, the water could however be treated via centrifugation, and flocculation if required, and so it could be reused as process water (recycling process). It would then again be available for the slide grinding process.  As a rule, this process does not require official approval, as after an economic service life, the process water is disposed of as liquid waste.
In the case of wastewater containing little or no abraded grit, there is furthermore the option of treatment via an evaporator. The generated distillate can either be disposed of or reused. 

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About us

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We do not believe that tradition and innovation are opposites. We combine experience drawn from the past with requirements of the future in order to implement forward-looking developments. This is how we open up the full benefits of innovative surface processing for our customers.