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Aluminium Martigny France SAS

330, Chemin de Poulatier, 38490 Chimilin
Telephone +33 4 76325015
Fax +33 4 76316803

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GIFA 2019 hall map (Hall 12): stand A29

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.06  Operating materials and supplies for the melting shop
  • 02.06.04  Melt additives and covering fluxes for non-ferrous cast alloys

Melt additives and covering fluxes for non-ferrous cast alloys

  • 05  Moulding and core making
  • 05.04  Moulding and core making machines, accessories
  • 05.04.07  Coating preparation

Coating preparation

  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.01  Measuring instruments
  • 19.01.03  Aluminium melt testing equipment

Aluminium melt testing equipment

Our products

Product category: Melt additives and covering fluxes for non-ferrous cast alloys

Foundry Fluxes

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Our foundry fluxes for the treatment of non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, zinc, magnesium and their alloys are manufactured in France from high quality raw materials. They are the result of extensive research, laboratory trials and ongoing adjustments during the industrial phase.

They are supplied according to specific features, in powder, granular or tablet form. They are used in the treatment of metal in its liquid state.

In each of our fluxes you will find the answer to your specific requirements.

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Product category: Coating preparation


Our die-coats are intended for gravity and low pressure casting.  These coatings are used to cover the surface of moulds which are in contact with a liquid alloy in order to :

  • Protect the mould
  • Adjust the cooling and solidification of the alloy
  • Improve the visual aspect of the part
  • Facilitate its release from the mould.
These products are divided into two groups : Insulating die coats ISALU : is used in vaporizing layers on the mould cavity. Conducting die coats CONDUCTAL : is a mould release agent. The grain size varies from very fine to grainy.

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Product category: Aluminium melt testing equipment

Injectable foundry fluxes

Our injectable foundry fluxes for aluminium and its alloys has been developed to feed the degasing machine unit in order to optimize the salts dosing it decreased also the manual work around the unit. The flux is perfectly injected into the heart of the melt.

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About us

Company portrait

Aluminium Martigny France is a French company with an international dimension. Our specialization in the field of non-ferrous metals makes us a key partner of foundry operators and owners.

The business focuses on production and trading :

  • Design and production of foundry fluxes, die coats and lubricants for the treatment of non-ferrous metals. Aluminium Martigny France is the French leader in the manufacture of foundry products.
  • Development of its own range of machinery and equipment, which evolves according to customer needs.
  • Opening of an equipment department supported by exclusive and trusted partners internationally renowned in their fields of competence.
Aluminium Martigny France has made a name and reputation beyond its borders, thanks to its professionalism, flexibility and availability of the team, always attentive to customers, partners and their specificities.

Large groups such as Morgan Advanced Materials and HENKEL Technologies have put their trust in Aluminium Martigny France for the promotion and development of their product ranges on the French market.

Aluminium Martigny today remains a human-sized company that has managed to grow intelligently and has become indispensable in the field of non-ferrous metals.