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Product categories

  • 11  Measurement and test technology
  • 11.01  Measurement of physical properties and quantities

Measurement of physical properties and quantities

  • 11  Measurement and test technology
  • 11.03  Material testing
  • 11  Measurement and test technology
  • 11.04  Analysis and laboratory equipment

Analysis and laboratory equipment

Our products

Product category: Material testing

CRI – CSR Test System

The CRI CSR Test System is an automatic device for determination of the Coke Reactivity Index (CRI) and Coke Strength after Reaction (CSR). This test device is fully compliant with the specifications in ISO 18894, ASTM D 5341 and IS 4023 Meth. B Standards.

Both indexes C.R.I. and C.S.R. are probably the most important parameters used for assessment of the quality of metallurgical coke. Many coke plants and blast furnaces around the world use CSR as a specification just as important as cold strength, size, and chemistry. From experiences of several laboratories involved in CRI and CSR tests it has been pointed out that the reliability of the results greatly depends on temperature and reaction gas flow rate accuracy in terms of:

Accuracy of test temperature (1100 °C) during all reaction time.
Isothermal temperature distribution in the coke sample.
Accuracy of CO2 reacting gas flow rate (5.0 nl/min).
To obtain best test reproducibility, therefore, the system, includes as standard:

High accuracy temperature programmer and controllers.
Multizone oven with temperature independent controls for best sample isothermal distribution.
High accuracy automatic mass flow meter and control device for CO2.
Test process is carried on by the system with no needs of any action by the operator. Optional continuous weighing system is available to display and to record weight change of the sample during the test. According to Standards, a double drum tumbler device, with automatic counter, is supplied to perform the CSR test (TB 5000). Reaction Tube Cooling System can be optionally supplied to reduce the cooling down time of the Reaction tube at the end of the test (CS 2000).

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Product category: Material testing

Multifunction & Multistandard MM 6000

MM 6000 is a completely automatic and user friendly equipment, able to perform tests on iron ore and coke samples according to several Standard procedures. Instrumentation is based on a Programmable Automation Controller to drive, fully automatically, the test in terms of oven and sample temperatures, reaction and purge gas flow rates and monitoring the sample weight.

The equipment accepts entry of sample data for automatic alculation of test conditions (when requested) based on the parameter values acquired by the instrument. The System is equipped with a touch screen graphic interface with Recording and Data Logging features of main process variables.

The vertical oven is constituted by 5 independent heating zones and the control thermocouple (3 measuring points) is directly placed in the sample for a better isothermal condition during the test.

Reaction gases and Nitrogen (purge gas) flow rates are driven by high precision Mass Flow Meters with automatic selection and by flow rate control. High accuracy weighing device is installed for continuous monitoring of sample weight loss during the test.

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Product category: Measurement of physical properties and quantities

Dilatometer DL4000

DL 4000 Coal Dilatometer is a fully automatic system for determining the swelling properties of hard coal when heated under standard conditions: dilatation and contraction are obtained by inserting a sample of powdered coal, formed under pressure, in a narrow tube topped by a piston and reading the displacement of the piston as a function of the temperature.

ISO Standard 349, DIN 51 739, ISO 8264, ASTM D 5515 and ISO 23873 specify slightly different methods for such determination.

DL 4000 performs dilatometer tests according to ALL the above mentioned standards: dilatation and contraction of 2 samples, loaded in 2 tubes, are measured at the same time, by means of precision transducers.

The Standard Test Method can be easily selected from the front panel before starting a test. The double furnace version productivity is considerably increased due to the reduction of the heating and cooling waiting times.

All the analysis procedure, even the insertion and removal of the tubes into the furnace, is automatic: the operator needs only to load the sample, to place the tubes above the furnace and to start the system.

Once started, DL 4000 will preheat the furnace, insert the tubes into the furnace, restore the start temperature, raise the temperature at uniform rate, and carry out the tests results.

Furnace temperature together with the dilatation and contraction readings are displayed and printed during the test.

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