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Dr. Brandt GmbH

Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 29, 40699 Erkrath
Telephone +49 234 943930
Fax +49 234 433431
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Plant and equipment for shaping of steel
  • 07.21  Components, ancillary equipment

Components, ancillary equipment

  • 08  Plant and systems for shaping of non-ferrous metals
  • 08.09  Components, ancillary equipment

Components, ancillary equipment

  • 11  Measurement and test technology
  • 11.01  Measurement of physical properties and quantities

Our products

Product category: Measurement of physical properties and quantities

Web Tension Measurement in the Paper Industry

Continuous paper production processes require multipoint measurements of the web tension to enable the various individual drives to be controlled in a papermaking machine. The paper web proper cannot be directly measured due to process-specific necessities. For that reason, its tension is usually determined indirectly in such a manner that the web is deflected via a roller with the resulting bearing reaction forces being detected and converted into web tension forces using known web travel geometry parameters.

Force transducers of a specific design particularly suitable for measuring bearing reaction forces are usually arranged for this purpose between the bearing housings of the pulley or roller bearings and the foundation supports. In this context, Dr. Brandt transducers have been used successfully for years by leading paper machine manufacturers in Europe and the Far East.

Especially in papermaking machinery construction great emphasis is laid on making use of highly rigid structural elements. Web tension transducers and their mounting elements are not exempt from this requirement, either. The main reason for this stringent requirement to be complied with in the paper industry is to protect the structural systems against natural frequency vibrations. Due to the very high web velocities combined with high roll speed rates and at the same time high roll weights, these requirements are well understandable from a technical viewpoint. To satisfy these requirements, Dr. Brandt transducers for web tension measuring have been deliberately developed to offer particularly high torsional stiffness.

Since the transducers’ own mass is very low, their natural frequency is usually in the kHz range. The cutoff frequency of the entire measuring point thus virtually depends on the transducer’s torsional stiffness and on the mass of the deflector roll including supporting system.

Dr. Brandt’s technology for paper web transducers is based on the principle of strain gauges (special solutions on request). These do not behave dynamically on their own and thus do not influence the frequency behavior of the entire transducer element.

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Product category: Measurement of physical properties and quantities

Strip Tension Measuring Systems for Metal Production and Metal Workin

Precision is a top priority in the production and processing of metals. Our measuring technology greatly contributes to making industrial processes future-proof in order to be able to manufacture products of the highest quality. For this purpose, we offer, among other things, strip tension measuring systems, rolling force measuring systems as well as weighing systems and pressure transducers.

Dr. Brandt strip tension measuring transducers have been successfully used for decades in many plants in the metalworking industry, from hot-rolled strip to recoiling lines. They offer extraordinary performance under the most difficult environmental and operating conditions, thus ensuring reliable operation of the system with consistently high product quality. Our transducers are characterized by long service life and low maintenance expenditure and costs.

Our weighing systems are used, for example, for ladle turrets, billet weighing, coil weighing and scrap trolleys. The ladle weighing in foundries is also one of the processes we provide with reliable measuring technology.

Moreover, by manufacturing innovative measuring systems for industrial applications we have specialized in the development and production of tailor-made solutions for complex plants and systems. These systems, which are individually adapted to the respective plant and its field of application, may not only be implemented in newly constructed processes but also lend themselves to replacing third-party products in existing plants.

In addition, our product range offers a large number of standardized components, such as standardized strip tension transducers or load cells capable of being attached to all common roller bearing variants via adapter plates.

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Product category: Measurement of physical properties and quantities

Crane Weighers Measuring Technology for Modern Crane Weighers

Since the beginnings of our company, precision weighing technology as well as special measuring and weighing projects have been one of our core areas of activity. The concepts and products that we provide in the framework of development and manufacture of modern measuring instrumentation are always geared to the specific needs and areas of application

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About us

Company portrait

Dr. Brandt GmbH has been an established manufacturer and technology leader in the field of high-precision measuring systems for many decades. Founded in 1949, we supply force and compression measurement technology which plays a vital role in the quality assurance and process control in industry. As a globally acting pioneer in our industrial field, we are constantly working on the enhancement of our products. The leading role of our medium-sized company in the market for measuring technology can be demonstrated, among other things, through inhouse developments such as the invention of the first commercially usable load cell.

Our focus is on the development and manufacture of customized measurement technology for individual fields of application. With the quality claim „Made in Germany“, Dr. Brandt GmbH combines devices and components that meet the highest requirements. These custom-designed and manufactured measuring systems can be implemented not only for planned new installations and plants. Our company is also a leading specialist furnishing and integrating spare parts for retrofitting existing plants.