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PJSC Electromekhanika

2, Zavodskoe Shosse, 172386 Rzhev
Russian Federation
Telephone +7 48232 2-06-06
Fax +7 48232 2-03-92

Hall map

GIFA 2019 hall map (Hall 10): stand C68

Fairground map

GIFA 2019 fairground map: Hall 10


Oleg Anishchenko

Commercial Director

Zavodskoe shosse, 2
172386 Rzhev, Russian Federation


+7 48232-2-03-92


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.02  Electric melting and holding furnaces (pouring equipment see 10.01)
  • 02.02.01  Electric arc furnaces for foundries

Electric arc furnaces for foundries

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.02  Electric melting and holding furnaces (pouring equipment see 10.01)
  • 02.02.02  Crucible induction furnaces
  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.02  Electric melting and holding furnaces (pouring equipment see 10.01)
  • 02.02.08  Vacuum melting furnaces
  • 13  Welding and cutting
  • 13.02  Welding installations and accessories
  • 14  Heat treating and drying furnaces
  • 14.04  Heat treating furnaces and installations
  • 25  Additive Manufacturing
  • 25.03  Machinery, equipment and process for additive manufacturing
  • 25.03.01  Powder bed printing
  •  SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

Our products

Product category: Vacuum melting furnaces, Crucible induction furnaces

Vacuum melting plant “UPPF-UM”

The “UPPF-UM” plant is intended for casting products with a polycrystalline structure from high-temperature alloys under mass production conditions and for working out complex technologies in a pilot production. Vacuum induction furnace “UPPF-UM” s made on a modern element base with improved technical characteristics, providing an increase in the technical level, expansion of technological capabilities, increase in operational reliability, imparting intelligent control functions.

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Product category: Vacuum melting furnaces

Vacuum plant for directional crystallization "VIP-NK-R"

Vacuum plant “VIP-NK-R” intended for directional crystallization at semi-continuous operations of casting blades made of special heat-resistant alloys, which crystallize at low speeds at high thermal gradients, as well as for high-speed directional crystallization of blades made of conventional heat-resistant alloys and for castings of other parts.

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Product category: Electric arc furnaces for foundries

DVL-200P vacuum arc skull furnace

DVL-200P vacuum arc skull furnace is developed on the basis of the proven 833-DM, DVL-200M units and is designed for melting titanium alloys and subsequent casting into molds of up to 300 kg, using the consumable electrode method. During melting, the electrode has a negative electrical charge, while the skull crucible has a positive one. The furnace is designed for stationary casting, various molds can be used within its design.

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Product category: Heat treating furnaces and installations

Vacuum furnace "PV-900"

The PV-900 vacuum furnace is designed for thermal tratment of carcase work made of titanium alloys. A furnace of this type can be used in works where it is necessary to carry out work on dehydration and annealing of welded structures of titanium alloys.

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Product category: SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

SLS plant

The SLS plant is intended for the production of complex-shaped bulk parts and assemblies by selective layer-by-layer laser sintering of metallic powder materials based on titanium, nickel and other alloys.

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Product category: Welding installations and accessories


The ELU-20RZ unit is designed for electron beam vacuum welding of circular, ring, longitudinal seams on cylindrical and conical products. Materials of welded products are stainless steels, heat-resistant and titanium alloys, and alloys of non-ferrous metals.

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Product category: Heat treating furnaces and installations


Units of the EKU-N type are designed for manufacturing assembly units of combustion chambers for liquid rocket engines (CC LRE).
The EKU-N type units are mechanized muffle and induction furnaces of increased frequency equipped with a camera, loading-unloading device, vacuum system, power sources and process control equipment in automated mode.
Heating of the processed assembly unit is carried out by radiation of a thin-walled screen-muffle heated by the energy of the electromagnetic field created by inductors.

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Product category: Welding installations and accessories


The UEN-500 vacuum electron beam unit is designed for vacuum application of single-layered and multilayered metal, oxide, and carbide coatings on various products. Such coatings make it possible to operate products under more stringent conditions compared to unprotected ones.

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Product category: Crucible induction furnaces


The unit for induction melting is designed to melt steels or cast irons in a stuffed crucible with the subsequent die casting, the unit ensures the production of shaped castings from steels or cast irons.
The melting furnace provides for the melting of metal, the creation and maintenance of a liquid bath under atmospheric conditions, consists of a copper cooled inductor, lining, frame, and two support racks.

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