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Plomp Mineral Services BV

P.O. Box 47, 4254 ZG Sleeuwijk
Esdoornlaan 19a, 4254 AT Sleeuwijk
Telephone +31 183 303400
Fax +31 183 304069
This company is co-exhibitor of
Tymo Mineralien GmbH

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GIFA 2019 hall map (Hall 13): stand B62

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  Moulding sands
  • 06.01  Sands
  • 06.01.02  Chromite sand and flour

Our products

Product category: Chromite sand and flour


Foundry grade  CHROMITE  sands are not only used as casting sands in cores and moulds in steel and iron foundries, but also as base material in sliding gate mixes or plugging sands in ladles at steelworks.

Plomp Mineral Services’ foundry grade chromite sand, origination from South Africa, is world famous for its excellent characteristics:

          –    Cr2O3  min.  46.0 %    /    SiO2  max.  1.0 %     /    CaO  max.  0.3 %
          –    excellent sizing (with low fines and no dust)   
          –    excellent pH values (close to neutral)
          –    low acid demand values
          –    high refractoriness
          –    thermal conductivity

Our standard grade foundry grade chrome sand with an AFS 45-55, is available in paper bags, big bags and (wet or dry) loose in bulk.

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Product category: Chromite sand and flour


Refractory grade  CHROMITE  is mainly used in chrome-magnesia or magnesia-chrome bricks.

Chrome ore is able to overcome the typical disadvantages of magnesia (shrinking tendency and high temperature coefficient). The high chromium content of typical 48% Cr2O3 and low silica of typical 0,9% SiO2, coarse sizing and high Cr:Fe ratio of close to 2:1 makes our refractory grade being appreciated world-wide.

Plomp Mineral Services’ focus is on supplying refractory grades chromite of South African origin with the following characteristics:

          –     Cr2O3  min.  46 %  (typ.  48 %)    /     SiO2  max.  1.2 %   (typ.  0.9 %)
          –     high refractoriness
          –     high thermal conductivity
          –     coarse sizing, varying from AFS 30 to AFS 45 (top grain size up to 1.5 mm).

Refractory grades can be shipped loose in bulk or packed in big bags, in both FCL’s and bulk carrier loads, depending on customer’s requirements.

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Product category: Chromite sand and flour


Chemical grade  CHROMITE  is not only used in leather tanning, metal finishing and wood preservatives but also in the production of light-stable and corrosion inhibiting pigments in addition to paints, colored glass and ceramic glazes. Following Chromium chemicals are being offered by our Sister company Gentrochema BV : Potassium dichromate, sodium dichromate , Chromium trioxide and chromium oxide green.

Plomp Mineral Services’ focus is on supplying chemical grades chromite of South African origin with the following characteristics:

          –     Cr2O3     min.  45 %     or    min.  46 % 
          –     SiO2        max.  1.2 %    or    max.  1.0 %
          –     Sizing      typ.    95 %  <  1.0 mm
          –     wet or dry

Chemical grades chromite can be shipped loose in bulk or packed in big bags, in both FCL’s and bulk carrier loads, depending on customer’s requirements. 

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About us

Company portrait

Netherlands based  Plomp Mineral Services BV  is an internationally operating trading and distributing company in industrial minerals with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and South Africa.

Plomp Mineral Services BV concentrates on a dozen carefully selected industrial minerals and delivers them on time, at the agreed specifications and against the best possible prices.

The main products imported, processed and distributed are:

          –   chromites
          –   calcined bauxites
          –   cenospheres
          –   abrasives
          –   iron ores
          –   silicas

Our satisfied customers are based in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the United States. The main applications of our products can be found in the foundry, steel, refractory, abrasive, glass, ceramic, filler and oil-drilling industries.